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silverite pillow

Could the pillow you sleep on each night be hazardous to your health?

Dangers of Pillow Pitfalls:


Flame Retardants – Polyurethane is a commonly utilized substance in foam pillows. The main challenge according to the ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP, is that PBDE’s (polybrominated-diphenyl-ethers) are emitted into the atmosphere.

Fungi – According to a study done in England in 2005, where multiple samples were taken from a variety of pillows, a source of FUNGI (Aspergillus Fumigates) was discovered. These fungi have been associated with worsening allergies, chronic sinusitis, asthma, as well as weakening of the immune system. Your typical pillow at home could be the perfect breeding ground for these fungi, which means you could be inhaling fungi every night while you sleep.

Drug Resistance – A new discovery of drug-resistant fungi caused by Aspergillus makes these pillow-loving fungi very difficult to eliminate.

Formaldehyde – Foam is commonly known to emit a formaldehyde gas which has been determined as a carcinogen for humans.

Down – Animal dander has been known for years as a contributor to allergies and ear, nose, throat, and lung challenges. It is also the perfect host for breeding grounds of fungi, bacteria, and dust mites.


Dr Larry C Ford, MD documented while employed at the UCLA Medical School in the 1980’s, “Silver can actually kill over 650 bacteria, fungi, parasites, molds, and fungi that have the potential to sprout diseases. While at the same time it was established that silver had no known side effects.”
– Huffington Post July 26, 2016

Go from SLEEP-LESS to REST-FULL with the Silverite™ Queen Bed Pillow

Silver-Infused Breakthrough Technology

Silverite™ embraces an age-old secret of maintaining a healthy sleep environment by using silver and supportive kapok filling in our products. This safe, innovative technology infuses silver into the cotton fabric to help protect us when we sleep:

  • Silver is nature’s antimicrobial/antibacterial element
  • For many years, silver has been used as a natural alternative to artificial chemicals
  • Using silver provides us with safer and cleaner products that help us maintain a peace of mind while we sleep

Kapok Filling – Nature’s Cashmere

  • One of the closest fibers to silk with the feel of cashmere
  • Grown naturally in pods from the Ceiba tree and obtained through sustainable eco-friendly harvesting
  • Plant-based, natural fiber is innately immune from pests, including dust mites, making the pillow naturally hypoallergenic
  • Water resistant, which makes it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and fungi

Natural Cotton Casing – Nature’s Purest Luxury

  • Made with ONLY the finest high thread count cotton
  • Using nature’s cotton lessens the toxic load on the body
  • Feel the cool, comfortable luxury of natural cotton
silverite pillow is doctor approved
silverite pillow

Silver-infused, 100% cotton casing, and kapok filling. Firmness can be adjusted by adding or removing some of the kapok filling. A washable pillow case is included.

Fits Every-BODY, Every-TIME

  • A secure zippered end creates an adjustable option, allowing the kapok filling to be inserted or removed based on your personal preference
  • IMPORTANT: Remove or insert the kapok filling in an open-air area, due to its ability to float


Silverite™ Travel Pillow

Ergonomically designed for the perfect fit and support.

No matter how you travel – by car, train, bus or plane – you can now travel in comfort and make every trip cleaner and healthier!

silverite pillow is doctor approved


“Silverite™ has taken all the ‘scariness’ out of traveling for me. I would wonder, ‘Who slept on this pillow before me and what kind of health challenges could they be passing on to me?’ I take BOTH of my pillows with me when I travel. The assurance which silver gives me is priceless along with the healthy aspects of the kapok filling.”

June, TN

“I was sleeping on a foam pillow and could not sleep through the night. As a single mother my hours of sleep are very important to me. I would wake up hot and turn my pillow over and over. Since I’ve been sleeping on the Silverite™ pillow, I ALWAYS sleep so good and my head does not wake up sweaty.”

Lorina, AZ

“As someone who is always traveling, what I dread the most is the sore neck I get on the plane. I tried a ton of ‘travel pillows’ and none of them worked until I was given the Silverite™ Travel Pillow. It FITS PERFECT! I don’t know how they got it right, but my head stays cool and the pillow completely supports my neck and my head, even ‘lifting’ my head. I WILL NOT go anywhere without this pillow.”

David, FL


Your pillows will include a pillow case infused with silver. IMPORTANT: DO NOT TO WASH YOUR PILLOWS. The outer casing may be washed as desired. If you find your pillow needs plumping, place in a hot dryer on high for 15–20 minutes.

Firmness can be adjusted by adding or removing some of the kapok filling. IMPORTANT: DO NOT TO REMOVE OR FILL KAPOK INSIDE an enclosed area. Please take outside or in a garage-type setting. The kapok will float like “milk weed” due to its “nature’s cashmere” properties.

silverite pet beds and throws are vet approved