125drive Snap 30/Pack


125drive Snap 30/Pack

Purchase the 125drive Snap 30/Pack that contains a natural, liquid, high-potency dietary supplement rich in antioxidants and naturally flavored with high ORAC fruits. LiquaDrive/125drive includes over 125 essential nutrients, contains no artificial stimulants, and has 800 mcg of Folic Acid. Featuring our NEW Easysnap packaging, a one-hand opening sachet that allows you to dispense its inner product with a simple Fold, Snap, and Squeeze. When the sachet is folded, it breaks open, and allows the product to flow out in a completely controlled manner. This new packaging can be easily opened with one hand, dispenses single serving products accurately with no risk of spills or contamination, is hygienic and clean, and allows you to carry in your pocket or handbag without risk of leakage! 125drive is a nutritious, safe alternative to high caffeine energy drinks!

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