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Keep your pet happy and your house smelling great with

Our proprietary, SILVER-INFUSED TECHNOLOGY is locked into the fibers. SILVER’S NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIMICROBIAL attributes fight odor-causing bacteria for long-lasting freshness

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Silverite™ embraces an age-old secret of helping maintain healthier products using silver. With our safe, innovative technology, millions of micro-silver crystals are locked onto the fibers to fight odor-causing bacteria. The result is a long-lasting freshness you and your pet will love.

  • For many years, silver has been used as a natural alternative to artificial chemicals
  • Silver is nature’s antimicrobial and antibacterial element
  • Using silver provides us with safer and cleaner products
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Silverite™ Silver-Enhanced Advanced Odor Control

The Silverite™ pet bed and throw contain advanced odor control that is safe and effective. Pet odors come from many sources and we’ve kept that in mind as we design our products. We integrate multiple approaches that help tackle tough odor:

First, we make it hard for bacteria to grow even when our pet gets the pet bed or throw wet. Moisture, organic material, and warm temperature creates the ideal environment for bacteria to reproduce rapidly. We use silver — antibacterial by nature’s perfect design — to reduce the spread of odor-causing bacteria.

Next, we integrate ingredients to absorb and eliminate odors at the source. Some odors are not caused by bacteria, so our second layer of protection helps combat these tough odors. Our odor absorber is a food grade material that does not trigger registration or regulatory requirements because of its long history of safe use. Just like layering is the best approach to protect you from bitter cold, our multiple layers of odor control help protect your best friend’s bed or throw from unwanted odors.

Silverite™ Perfect Pet Bed


The inside cover is baffled which assists in distributing pressure for the perfect comfort level.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and, Extra-Large

EASY CARE: The Silverite™ silver/anti-odor infused technology helps to keep the bed smelling great while adding the health benefits of silver. The cover can be taken off and washed as desired.

Your beloved pet will enjoy sleeping, resting, and cuddling up on our Kapok filled bed with nature’s silver and anti-odor technology.

  • Premium ultra-soft cover
  • Micro-suede sides and non-skid bottom
  • Natural hypoallergenic Kapok filling Kapok
    • One of the closest fibers to silk with the feel of cashmere
    • Grown naturally in pods from the Ceiba tree
    • Plant-based, natural fiber that is innately immune from pests, including dust mites, making the bed naturally hypoallergenic
    • Water resistant, which makes it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and fungi
  • High quality & durable construction
  • Zippered, removable, and washable covering
  • Long-lasting silver-enhanced Advance Odor Control


Silverite™ Pet Throw

Your furry friend will enjoy cuddling with this ultra-soft, plush reversible throw all day and night, making them feel at home wherever they are.

  • Premium ultra-soft, plush fleece reversible throw
  • High quality & durable construction
  • Long-lasting silver-enhanced Advance Odor Control
  • Ideal for indoor kennels, vehicles, and pet beds

EASY CARE: The Silverite™ silver-infused technology helps keep the blanket cleaner longer requiring less washings. Machine wash and dry as needed.


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